7 times snacks laid down the foundation for your friendship!

Posted byAbhinav Madan

Date: 05/08/16


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”― Elbert Hubbard

True Friendship is a bond which needs fostering every once in a while to keep it strong amidst daily chaos, deadline pressures, mood swings and personal commitments. Good friends are like red diamonds, difficult to find and if you own one you feel like the King of the World. Good friends are our principal capital asset. Aren’t they? Remember all those late nights’ movies in hostel rooms or bunking a couple of lectures and riding to the nearby getaway with friends. The long hours we spent in the canteen discussing who has a crush on whom or wailing our break-up stories.

Don’t you feel nostalgic when you visit a coffee shop where you used to come with your friends and spend time guffawing, gossiping and judging everyone else for no reason. Everything seems same except that today, you don’t have your friends with you. Sigh! Certainly we all miss good and hard times, tears, laughs and fights. Yes, we might have become very tough and blunt to face the real world but just a gust of memories is enough to make our eyes wet.

But whatever adventure it might be; snacks have always been an inseparable part of the days-spent –doing-nothing with friends. Snacking has evolved with human existence and so has friendship. Crunchy Nachos and spicy noodles were undoubtedly our second best companions. Of course besties’ came first.

So, just sit down in your arm chair and wear a smile because we are going to take you on a ride down the memory lane!

  1. When there is a party going on

Party isn’t a party without snacks! Munching on them while drinking, energize yourself with them while dancing, or just hanging out near the food counter, hoping to run into someone cute. Because if there is one place everyone will come for sure, it’s the food table!

  1. Movie nights and Binge-watching marathons

No movie night is complete without popcorn, right? After all when you gonna finish a whole series of Evil Dead in one day, you need snacks to keep yourself energized!

  1. Late night study sessions

All of us have gone to our friend’s house (the studious one) asking them to explain all the ‘important’ topics for the next day’s exam. Honestly, group-studies are a blessing when you don’t have any clue what the subject is about. And what keeps us awake during those long tedious hours of cramming and mugging (ummm, we mean learning ;)? Snacks!

  1. To celebrate success

What’s the first thing we say when our friend tells us he has been placed? “When is the treat!?”Celebrating each other’s success as well as failures leads to a special bond between friends. After all, true friends congratulate, best friends ask for treat!

  1. When you are getting bored

When we and our friends are just chilling and have nothing to do, and you do the logical thing to do, get snacks and start eating! All of us have lazed around with our friends. Lying on the couch, watching a random program on TV and munching on snacks, while talking about anything and everything! It’s these small things and moments that make friendships stronger!

  1. When you’re on a trip

Who doesn’t dream about a good road trip with old school friends, with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair?

Everyone just loves the rituals of it: packing up the car, cranking up the tunes and driving down an open road. And of course, none of us forget to stock our cooler with our favourite crisps and cookies because trips becomes even more fun if you have your favourite snacks to pass around the car and share with your buddies.

  1. Emotional Companions

Times when all you needed was a shoulder to lean on to sail through a tough phase of your life, when your friends were there for you to lift your spirits and help you bounce back with a smile. Remember, who was your other companion besides your bestie? A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownie. What a solace it was.

The list can go on and on. Friends come in different shapes, size and appearances and become the most important part of our lives. So this friendship day make your best friend feel little more special. Surprise them with a snack box full of goodness that will add some sparkle to their Sunday boring routine. Visit and order online your goodness box.

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