Our Vision

gogrub is one stop solution to all your snacking needs. We deliver to your doorstep a spread of smart ’n’ delicious snack which can be savoured from the comfort of your home, or amidst office craziness and can also come in handy for guests and hosts alike.

At gogrub we truly believe that snacking is much more than just satiating those evil hunger pangs. We ensure that every single snack that we create is bursting with flavours and has anequal portion of health and happiness.

Our Story

We identify as foodies first and entrepreneurs next. While the food lover in us firmly believes that snacking is much more than just mindless munching, the entrepreneur asserts the right of choice. When we sat back and combined the two, creating gogrub was the natural choice. We are convinced that snacking can be and should be soul satisfying. Our gogrub munchies reflects this belief. We worked tirelessley with professional chefs, and went through a million iterations (no, seriously!) to craft the gogrub menu. We sneaked our favourites in too! We want you to fall in love with our delicious and nutritious snacks. We made a resolution early on to work with only premium ingredients and stay clear of added preservatives, flavours or colours for our snack list. With gogrub we want to bring back the joy and adventure of snacking. We invite you to join us in unboxing this box of goodness! - Abhinav & Priyanka

Join Our Team

send your resume at reachus@gogrub.in

Our Customers Say

They sure love us!

"So got this tasting box from gogrub, quite innovative recipes I must say. Finally something for my 6 o'clock cravings. Looking forward to ordering my first box :)"

— Arun Madan, Entrepreneur, Faridabad

"...I was thrilled to get a tasting box from gogrub...some of the flavours were very intutive but still unfound in the market like piri piri popcorn, to their cranberry pistachio granolas that are SO NOT synthetic in their taste like the available options. Go try them, Go Grub!"

— Tanya Marwah, E-Com Brand Strategist, Gurgaon

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