“Truth be told, I like my snacks to be comfortable-known taste and filling. So I approached the tasting of the gogrub box with limited enthusiasm. But I was in for a comforting surprise . The peanut butter and chocolate popcorn and pretzels packed quite a twist of taste. The sample box lasted me about two weeks of evening office snacking. Waiting to dig into more.”

Udit Goel, Marketing Manager / New Delhi

“…I was thrilled to get a tasting box from gogrub…some of the flavours were very intutive but still unfound in the market like piri piri popcorn, to their cranberry pistachio granolas that are SO NOT synthetic in their taste like the available options. Go try them, Go Grub!”

Tanya Marwah, E-Com Brand Strategist / Gurgaon

“So got this tasting box from gogrub, quite innovative recipes I must say. Finally something for my 6 o’clock cravings. Looking forward to ordering my first box :)”

Arun Madan, Entrepreneur / Faridabad